Striking the right balance

A hands-on program designed to reduce stress in teams and to build resilience to stress by improving work efficiency and effectiveness whilst enhancing team members’ relationships.

An evaluation is first carried out using the In Situ Approach (see above) to assess causes and impact of stress related to interrelated parameters such as Motivation, Communication, Teamwork, Leadership and Management, and Work Organization. The overall results of the In Situ Analysis are presented during a workshop attended by all team members. After a team discussion and exchange, action plans are identified and ownership for them allocated to the relevant team members. During a follow up workshop after approximately 2-3 months, the action points are reviewed and adjusted for further development.

This highly effective and practical approach in which team leaders and members participate actively, not only improves team effectiveness and efficiency but it also goes a long way in substantially improving team relationships and developing resilience to stress at both the individual and team levels. Team performance is improved whilst eliminating unnecessary and avoidable stress with negative and costly consequences such as conflicts, re-work, loss of motivation and stress-related illnesses and absenteeism.