Striking the right balance

An interactive and dynamic workshop designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the intimate link between pressure and performance. Participants will acquire knowledge and practical tools designed to better manage their work and work relationships, enhance their communication skills, identify their sources of stress, and eliminate unnecessary stress, in order to operate within the Smart Performance Zone. Functioning in this zone corresponds to optimal and sustained performance, enhanced health and energy levels, creativity, improved relationships and a better quality of life both at work and in the private sphere. Furthermore, functioning at optimal stress levels prevents the deleterious effects of negative stress which leads to tension, conflicts, errors, re-work, poor health and sickness leading to costly loss of time, resources and productivity.

All levels of the hierarchy can benefit from the know-how acquired during this workshop comprised of state-of-the art presentations, assessments, workshops, group discussions,
role plays and individual exercises.

Number of participants: 8 -12 participants